What are Speed Ratings on Tires?

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Each tire comes in various sizes and configurations all designed to handle the weights and power output of all the different cars out on the market. When your tire becomes worn, how do you know which tires to get? One way is to make sure you accurately read the tire’s size, which includes a combination of letters and numbers. Part of that is your speed rating.

What exactly is the speed ratings of the tires? Our team at Braman Honda of Palm Beach has outlined how to find the speed rating on your tires and what this value means for you as you drive around Wellington, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, and Lake Worth.

What does Tire Speed Rating Mean?

Tire Speed RatingThe speed rating of your tires is how much speed they can safely handle and remain controlled while driving at that specific speed. When you identify the speed rating of the tires, you will want to make sure you don’t exceed that speed for extend periods of time.

This is because the tire is not designed to handle the stress of any speed above what it is rated at. Of course, you will always want to adhere to the speed limit of the road first and foremost.

Where to Find the Speed Rating on Your Tires?

To find the speed rating of your tires you will first have to locate the tire size. Your tire size is composed of a set of letters and numbers that is located on the sidewall of the tire. Once you find this, you can go ahead and identify what the last letter in the sequence is. This letter represents your tire’s speed rating.

What Does the Letter Mean in Terms of Actual Speed?

Identifying what letter is the speed rating of your tire is just part of finding out the maximum amount of speed your tires can safely handle. After finding the speed rating on your sidewall, you will want to cross reference that letter with the maximum speed on the Tire Speed Ratings Chart. On this chart, you can find the letter that is on your specific tire and see just how fast, in miles per hour, your tires can safely operate.

For example, if you see the letter T as your speed rating of your tires, they will be able to safely handle 118 miles per hour.

Keeping Your Tires in Great Condition

Tire Repair Service CenterThe speed rating of your tires is based on them being when under normal working conditions. This means it will be important not only to know what the speed rating is but to keep your tires properly maintained.

Having your tires inflated at the right amount will ensure that the car will drive smoothly when reaching the tire’s speed rating. On top of that, properly inflated tires also help improve the fuel economy of the car in comparison to tires that aren’t inflated right.

Another aspect you will want to check is the tire tread. Having enough tread will keep your car stable and provide great traction when driving at any speed.

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