Spring into Decadence with Hoffman’s Chocolates

May 15th, 2019 by

Ahh, Spring. A time for blooming flowers, greener grasses, and of course, decadent Easter confections. If you’re looking for the finest chocolates that the region has to offer, we have a simple yet superb answer: Our neighbor, Hoffman’s Chocolates.

Humble (And Hungry) Beginnings

When Hoffman’s Chocolates began all the way back in 1975, owner Paul Hoffman had two major concerns: Making the absolute best chocolates possible and getting to spend plenty of time with his family in the process.

This mission began in a small candy shop in Lake Worth, but soon blossomed into four chocolate and ice cream shops. It was clear Paul’s vision was one that others could relate to, and the quality of his confections made it that much sweeter.

In 2012, the Hoffman family decided it was time to bring Paul’s delights to the greater South Florida area. They’ve since expanded, cementing a legacy that began humbly in Palm Beach County over 44 years ago.

Your Source for All Things Easter Chocolate

You need only scroll through Hoffman’s Chocolates’ online shop to understand how vast their selection truly is. From brittles and toffees to truffles and old-fashioned chocolates, you can find a treat for just about every occasion.

During the holidays, Hoffman’s Chocolates really shines. Easter is known for being one of their true favorites, as illustrated by their impressive assortment of chocolate bunnies and filled chocolate eggs, such as the Milk Chocolate Coconut Cream Egg.

Hoffman’s even offers pre-made Easter baskets, saving parents and Peter Cottontail the task of putting one together themselves!

Special Events

Hoffman’s Chocolates is more than just a shop. They host a variety of events over the course of a year and can even be rented for your next birthday party!

For those looking for a more hands-on chocolate experience, you can book a Chocalatier Class with Hoffman’s. Every class includes a guided window tour, a presentation on the history of chocolate, and a sampling of Hoffman’s ice cream.

Don’t Deny Your Sweet Cravings

When you’ve got a hankering for chocolate, there’s absolutely no substitute. It either has to be the real thing or nothing at all.

Let Hoffman’s Chocolates satisfy your cravings completely. Visit their website today to learn more about their most popular confections!

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