Cheer Up, Football Season is Here!

September 4th, 2014 by

School might be back in session but there’s a lot to look forward to, including football season! It’s time to get ready for the live action with the Miami Dolphins football team. With game day just a couple of days away, the Dolphins are hard at work getting ready.

Florida’s football scene is the biggest party scene in South Florida. There’s no better experience than experiencing the adrenaline rush and thrill of the Dolphins live at Sun Life Stadium. Thanks to the Grand Plaza located at the Sun Life Stadium, you can tailgate and enjoy live entertainment for free. So why not gather up some of your buddies and get ready for a fun season of tailgating and supporting your favorite local football team.

A successful tailgate takes proper planning. All you need is some good timing, good food and good music. Here are a few tips to help you start planning:

1. Timing is everything.
Arrive at your tailgate spot ahead of time to give yourself extra time to set up and prepare the food. This will also give you time to clean up before the game starts.

2. Make a list of tailgating essentials.
To keep you from forgetting any tailgate essentials, make a list! Be sure to include cups, paper plates, napkins, and cooking and eating utensils.

3. Prepare food the night before.
Be sure to marinate the meat the night before; this will give it a rich flavor. Also, prepare snacks and treats. Here are some easy DIY tailgating recipes:

4. Pack your cooler properly.
Packing a cooler is a skill. The last thing you want would be beverage spillage ruining your food.

5. Show team spirit.
Whether you prefer face painting, bumper stickers or car magnets; be sure to show your enthusiasm by adorning yourself with the team colors.

6. Maintain your car.
Last but not least, keep your car in good shape. Keeping your car clean and your parts well maintained will improve the longevity of your car. Also, no one wants to tailgate in a dirty car. Save big on car care by checking out these service specials.

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Be sure to get your tickets before they are sold out; here’s a look at the Dolphin’s schedule.





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