Tips to Keep Your Car Battery Long-Lasting

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Car Battery LifeThere are many parts of your car that are essential to its overall operation, but none perhaps so vital than your battery. It is, after all, a sort of nerve center for your car, the source of all its power. Without a battery, your car cannot start and it cannot keep you on the Wellington, Greenacres, or Palm Beach roads. Every time you turn the key, it’s the battery that kicks in to turn over the engine and get you going.

There are steps you can take to preserve your battery and extend its life. Check out this advice and best practices to protect and extend car battery life to keep it running for a long time.

How to Extend Car Battery Life

How long your car battery lasts depends on a wide range of factors. The weather can be one of the most important of these—cold air will drain a car battery quickly, as will severe heat. The following tips for how to extend car battery life will help you get the maximum performance from your battery for the longest time.

Take Fewer Short Drives

Your car’s battery is rechargeable, and it recharges while you drive. When you take short trips, the battery isn’t able to completely charge, and it gradually loses power. This means it’s important to drive your car regularly, and take longer trips, or use a portable battery charger.

Keep It Secure

Make sure your battery is fastened very securely so that it doesn’t vibrate in the engine compartment. This can result in short circuits in your electrical system as well as internal damage to the battery. Check the terminal on a regular basis, especially when you drive on uneven terrain.

Turn Off the Electronics

Honda Battery Repair near MeEven if your car has automatic headlights, shut them off when you shut down the car. Leaving your headlights, dome lights, and other electronics on creates a drain on your car. It takes more power to fire up the car if the lights, stereo, and heater or AC unit are already on, than it does to turn them on after the car is started.

Keep the Terminals Clean

Your battery terminals will build up corrosion over time, but this can result in your battery having to work harder to deliver the same amount of charge. Keep your terminals clean with a toothbrush and baking soda/water mixture, and rinse it with a cold-water spray. Clean terminals mean longer battery life.

Keep Up with Maintenance at Braman Honda of Palm Beach

The best way to preserve your battery is to ensure it doesn’t have to work harder than necessary. Keep up with your car’s routine maintenance, and make sure that all the internal parts are working as smoothly as they can.

If you’re in the Greenacres, Palm Beach, or Wellington areas, and are in need of a maintenance appointment for your vehicle, Braman Honda of Palm Beach can help. Call our service center or contact us online for an appointment today!