When to Change Your Brake Pads

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The general rule for brakes is that you should have them inspected every 6 months, usually during your regular service appointment. During the inspection, the highly trained service technicians at your local service center near West Palm Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth, and Boynton Beach will take a close look at your brakes and ensure that there’s enough material on your brakes to get you through another 6 months. They’ll also check the brake fluid and brake lights to make sure that the whole system is working smoothly.

Signs That You Need a Brake Pad Replacement

If you’ve ever stopped at a red light and heard a loud squeal while applying the brakes, you’ve heard the first sign that you need a brake pad replacement. This high-pitched squealing noise is actually a built-in warning system designed to let you know that your brake pads are getting a bit worn down.

The key to preventing further damage to your braking system is to get the brake pads replaced during this stage. If you wait too long, you’ll notice more extreme signs of a necessary brake service.

If you start to hear a grinding or growling noise when you apply the brakes, and possibly feel a bumping sensation in your brake pad when applying the brakes, it means your brake pads are pretty much useless at this point. You’ll need to get both your brake pads and rotors replaced, as this sensation is due to the brake pads gliding right over the rotors and grinding into them as you apply the brakes.

How to Inspect Your Brake Pads Yourself

Located on each of your four wheels, the brakes can be easily seen in most vehicles without dismantling. If you have hub caps, you’ll likely need to remove them to check your brakes. If you haven’t experienced any of the signs that you need a brake pad replacement, you’ll want to check your brakes every couple of months, like during your regular car wash.

You can take a look at you wheels and check for an excessive amount of brake dust. Over time, a little brake dust is normal, but you’ll see it increase as the brakes wear down. Another sign is the brake pad itself. If it seems like it might be less than ¼ inch in thickness, it will likely need to be replaced soon.

Schedule a Brake Service at Braman Honda of Palm Beach

If you notice any of the signs that you need a brake pad replacement or your brake inspection tells you it’s time for a brake service, bring your vehicle to the professionals at Braman Honda of Palm Beach. Our service technicians are Honda trained so you know you’ll get high-quality work on your vehicle.

You can schedule a service appointment online now through our Schedule Service page. Simply log in to your account or create a new account and schedule a brake service. It only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll have full access to dealership news and specials just by signing in.


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