Top Signs of Transmission Failure

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The transmission is one of the most important parts in your vehicle. Responsible for transferring the power from your engine to your wheels, this part is what makes mobility possible. If your transmission isn’t working, then your vehicle isn’t running.

To help keep your vehicle running smoothly, the team at Braman Honda of Palm Beach has put together a list of the top signs of transmission failure. Check it out now and be sure to keep up with your preventative maintenance to prevent these pitfalls.

Common Signs of a Failing Transmission

Here are a few of the top signs of transmission failure. If any of these happen on your vehicle, be sure to contact the team at Braman Honda of Palm Beach as soon as possible.

Leaking Fluids

One of the most common signs of transmission failure is leaking fluid. You’ll know if transmission fluid is leaking from your vehicle if it’s a reddish color that leaks while the vehicle is running in idle. You can check by putting a clean piece of cardboard beneath the vehicle, running it for a few minutes, then checking for any staining.

Transmission/Check Engine Light Illumination

Either of these lights could indicate a major problem with the transmission. Another indicator is the transmission temperature light. If you see any of these, pull over as soon as it’s safe and turn off the vehicle. Let it cool down and then drive directly to your local service center to have the vehicle checked.

Weird Sounds When Driving

If you’re driving down the road and you hear a clunking, revving, or whining noise while your vehicle is changing gears, it’s likely a problem with the vehicle’s transmission. Be sure to get it checked out as soon as possible because it could be a sign of a major issue.

Vehicle is Slow to Accelerate

If your vehicle is having a hard time accelerating from 0 to 60, it could be a sign of a transmission issue. Your vehicle should quickly and easily shift between gears, and going from a dead stop to a solid 60 mph shouldn’t be an issue. If the vehicle is revving a great deal but not switching into the next gear quickly, you may need a service appointment.

Schedule a Transmission Service at Braman Honda of Palm Beach

Making a service appointment at your local Honda dealer is a super easy process. At Braman Honda of Palm Beach, we offer online scheduling so you don’t have to take time out of your busy day. Simply log in and make an appointment that fits your schedule and bring your vehicle in at the allotted time. We’re a full-service automotive dealership, so we take care of all your vehicle’s service and maintenance needs, from a regular oil change to a major transmission service.

Schedule a transmission service online now at Braman Honda of Palm Beach and get back out on the road in no time.

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