Top Gyms near Palm Beach FL

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Just because you live by the beach doesn’t mean that you magically pop out of the womb with a beach body. No, you’ve got to work for it, just like everybody else. Luckily, there are tons of places to do that by Palm Beach, FL. And luckily, there’s this comprehensive guide to the top gyms near Palm Beach, FL.

BOXFIT: Fitter, Faster, Stronger

On their Facebook page, they boast that BOXFIT is “where science and fitness meet.” We think that such a motto is an apt description for this gym. They’re all about utilizing the latest technologies and techniques to help you get in out-of-this-world shape. They’re located at 208 South Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL.

The CrossFit Squad: A #1 Rated Fitness Center

Their motto is that “it’s time you got in the best shape of your life.” That’s precisely what you can expect from The CrossFit Squad. Their programs include CrossFit, ID Training, Bootcamp, and On Ramp. They offer a flexible schedule, and you’ll find them at 512 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, FL. Whoa!

1822 Fitness: Passion, Commitment, Excellence

With educated and experienced fitness trainers like Joel Molina, Alex Gonzalez, and Chris Adeimy, you simply can’t go wrong. The staff is only one of the things that’s so great about 1822 Fitness. Come on down and stop by 941 South Military Trail, Unit F-2, West Palm Beach, FL, to discover more.

Learn About a Few Other Local Businesses Around Palm Beach FL!

You can’t work out in the gym 24 hours a day. In that case, you’d simply be addicted. You must do other things with your life, as well! To discover other cool spots in the area, check out our blog.

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