Signs of a Bad Transmission Control Module

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Slipping Transmission Repair CenterOne of the best advances in the automobile industry was automatic transmission. Plenty of people still swear by manual shift transmissions claiming they’re the only way to truly experience what your engine is capable of, but automatic transmission has become commonplace and allows many more people to enjoy the privilege of driving.

If you have automatic transmission, it’s controlled by your vehicle’s transmission control module. This little device is what makes your transmission so efficient. Sometimes, these little modules can wear down and go bad, which leads to limited performance and far less driving enjoyment than you deserve. If your car’s been seeming a little clunky, this might be the culprit. Find out by consulting these signs of a bad transmission control module.

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Performance Issues

Is your car not picking up speed as well as it used to? That might be a sign that your transmission control module has gone bad. In order to pick up speed, your vehicle has to cycle through different gears with the right timing. Doing this too slowly or too quickly can lead to sudden losses in momentum.

You might also experience problems driving up hills especially if you’re stopped at a light on a hill. If your car won’t shift properly, getting started on a hill will require a lot of effort which could cause your car to accelerate extremely slowly or, at worst, get stuck.

Shifting Issues

As the transmission control module controls shifting, it’s expected that you might encounter some shifting problems. If your car has ever shifted to another gear like neutral without warning, you may have a problem with your control module. In other instances, your car may be unable to shift out of neutral.

Fortunately, you can actually test whether or not the module is the culprit if you have the option for a manual override. If you’re able to shift correctly using manual transmission, then you’ll know that your transmission control module is at fault.

Fuel Efficiency Issues

Signs of a Bad Transmission Control ModuleOne of the worst drawbacks of a bad transmission is a reduced fuel economy. Efficient shifting doesn’t just allow for better performance. When the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to get up a hill or cross some bumpy terrain, for example, it doesn’t burn as much fuel.

If you’ve been finding yourself making more trips to the gas station than normal, you might have a problem. More modern vehicles often display information about your current fuel economy making it really easy to tell if you’re significantly underperforming.

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If you’re running into problems with your transmission control module, you need to handle it as soon as possible. Being unable to shift correctly can put you and drivers around you in serious jeopardy in some situations. If you want the best service in the Wellington, Greenacres, and Palm Beach areas, look no further than Braman Honda of Palm Beach. Our highly trained technicians in our service center know how to fix the problem and have you back out on the road in no time. Schedule transmission service online today.