Place of Hope Palm Beach Gardens FL

September 12th, 2017 by

When a community bands together for a cause, amazing things can happen. And there’s no more perfect example of this sentiment than Place of Hope in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. By providing children with protection from abuse and neglect, this safe haven has served almost 10,000 families in the thumbs up

Let’s learn more about how far this organization has gone to help children lead valuable and happy lives with our guide to Place of Hope. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to lend a hand in this amazing goal.

About Place of Hope

Through a faith-based approach, Place of Hope seeks to rescue children facing abuse by providing family-style foster care, family outreach and intervention, maternity care, transitional housing, and much more.

Each staff member works with children while they’re in state custody to help them rebuild trust and dignity before they find their forever family. With this kind of assistance, children will be guided down a path toward healthy lives full of protection and love.

At Place of Hope, families and kids will also receive reunification, pre-adoptive placement, and additional care once they’ve been adopted. All in all, this organization strives to offer a stable family environment to children who’ve experienced abuse and neglect. That way, every child has a chance at a successful future.

How You Can Get Involved

Whether you’re looking to join a committee, or simply donate to the cause, Place of Hope serves tons of ways to get involved in the mission to help children in need. From Ambassadors of Hope to Planned Giving Council and much more, Place of Hope’s supporters host local events so that you can learn more about how you can better assist kids in your community.

On top of that, the One Life Campaign provides an easy way to quickly donate and get every child that much closer to a supportive household. To understand just how far even the smallest donation goes, take a look at the impact list that shows you what your money gives each child.

Place of Hope Eventsspa

To ensure that you have a chance to get involved, Place of Hope hosts various events that raise money for their mission. The annual Hope Bash helps supporters celebrate the yearly achievements with food drinks, and speakers. The 2018 Hope Bash will be held at the PGA National Resort & Spa on March 9th, and top donors will receive VIP seating with room for their guests.

In addition to that, the Sea of Hope Annual Luncheon and the Golf Invitational & Charity Dinner also offer lots of entertainment for attendees while gathering donations for Place of Hope.

Learn more about these charitable celebrations on the event calendar.