Little Smiles

September 12th, 2017 by

Every child deserves to smile. And at Little Smiles in West Palm Beach, the goal of each hardworking volunteer is to put a grin on the face of kids experiencing neglect, terminal illness, abandonment, and other serious, traumatic ordeals.

By partnering with local hospitals and shelters, this charity ensures that every youngster feels happy and cared for, no matter what their situation may thumbs up

Without generous donations and wonderful volunteers, this organization wouldn’t be where it is today. So, to get yourself involved, continue reading and learn more about the amazing events and activities this institution offers to children in need of love and support.

The Little Smiles Mission

No matter what kind of misfortune they face, every child should feel special. And the staff at Little Smiles strives to go above and beyond the dreams of little ones dealing with disease, homelessness, and other tragedies.

Whether the team at this charity is contacted by the child’s nurses, social workers, or family members, they’ll immediately respond to any request. Many times, the youngsters served by Little Smiles face long days of uncomfortable surgery, lonely days in a shelter, or emotional damage.

The volunteers at this organization aim to make every child’s day a little brighter by providing the financial means to those who wouldn’t be able to afford a gift or event. That way, every little one can show off that dazzling smile.

Getting Involved & Our Events!

Regardless if you want to volunteer your time to set up a celebration for the children in your area, or you’d simply like to donate, Little Smiles offers plenty of ways to get involved in their goal to provide an exciting treat for every kid.

In addition, our Little Smiles Ambassadors assist in planning events and bringing gifts to local tots in need. Typically, Ambassadors are seasoned volunteers or other individuals with tons of philanthropic experience. After a year of committing time and energy to Little Smiles, you’ll have a chance to become an Ambassador of this weights

This year, you can try your hand at the adventure-style Bamboozle scavenger hunt. At this competition, teams of four will defeat obstacles, complete tasks, and tackle challenges all under the theme of TV shows.

Also, attendees are encouraged to dress up as their favorite television character to receive extra points. Your journey will begin on October 14th, and, of course, all the proceeds will be donated to Little Smiles.

If you’d prefer to sweat it out during a heart-pounding race, the 2nd Annual KVJ 5K Run/Walk on October 5th is perfect for you. At this event, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful views along Flagler Drive while pushing yourself to cross the finish line in support of Little Smiles. Registration for this race ends on October 4th, so be sure to sign up here!