How to Bleed Brakes

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Healthy brakes are essential to vehicle safety. So, when your brakes start to get that squishy, dull feeling when you press on them, it’s likely to cause a bit of anxiety.

And one of the most common causes of this issue is excess air in your vehicle’s brake lines. Luckily, removing the air from your break lines, or “bleeding” your brakes, is a fairly simple process.

Often times, pumping the brakes a few times with your car in park should get rid of any air surplus. But if your brakes lines require a little more thorough bleeding, you’ll need just a few tools and tips to get you sailing back down the roads of Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, and Wellington.

Bleeding Brakes

That’s why we’re here with this guide on how to bleed your brakes, created by Braman Honda of Palm Beach. Before long, you’ll be a fully informed, brake bleeding expert!

Brake Bleeding Procedures

Let’s get down to business and start off this tutorial with a review of all the necessary tools you’ll need to bleed your brakes. First, you’ll want to have a brake bleeder wrench or a combination wrench.

Whichever type of wrench you choose, just make sure it fits on your vehicle’s bleeder nozzle. Next, check to see if you have a can of brake fluid, some hose, a glass jar, and a loyal friend or family member to help out.

If you’re not totally confident that you can perform this kind of job, it’s wise to take your vehicle into a trusted mechanic to get your brakes bled. With the experience of a trained technician, you’ll avoid doing damage to essential parts of your automobile, which could result in expensive repairs or risky driving situations.

Locate the Brake Bleeder Screw

Once you’ve ensured that you have all the right tools and are ready to get started on your brake bleeding venture, locate the brake bleeder screw. Because of the location of this nozzle, you may want to first jack up your car so that you can reach it.

After you’ve lifted your vehicle, you’ll find this screw on the back side of your brakes. Now, all you need to do is grab your wrench and loosen the screw.

It’s also a good idea to have some WD-40 or Brake Free fluid nearby in the event that the screw gets stuck. That way, you won’t struggle to loosen the nozzle, or damage the screw, which is very costly to replace or repair.

Begin Bleeding Your Brakes

Remember the flexible hose we mentioned at the beginning of this article? Well, it’s time to use it! Take the hose, place one end over the bleed screw, and put the opposite end into a clean jar.

Brake Service

To prevent a mess, pour some brake fluid into the jar before bleeding the brake lines. Then, ask your trusty sidekick to hop behind the wheel and pump the brakes slowly, just a few times. Have your friend tell you when the brake pedal is up or down.

Finally, release the already-loosened brake screw while the brake is being pressed down. You’ll see brake fluid release from the nozzle, through the hose, and into your jar.

To keep you and your helper safe, be extra sure that your automobile is securely jacked up to avoid it from rolling away while you’re hard at work. This type of situation could result in serious injuries.

Look Closely at the Brake Fluid

While the brake fluid is pouring into your jar, take a look at it to discern if there are any air bubbles. If there are, that means that there was excess air in the brake lines. Once the fluid has stopped running, tighten the screw back on and tell your friend to release his or her foot from the brake.

Repeat these steps until you stop seeing air bubbles. Also, make sure to run through these steps with the other brake so that your vehicle is ready for the road. After that, refresh the master cylinder with clean brake fluid up to the “full” marker, and you’re done!

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