Honda CR-V Dashboard Light Guide

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Honda CR-V Dashboard Light Guide

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, the best defense you have against possible problems is knowledge. That’s why we’ve put together this Honda CR-V dashboard light guide, where we’ve taken the time to demystify the most commonly seen dashboard lights.

Warning Lights

These lights let you know that there’s a major problem with one of the integral systems in your Honda CR-V. A few of the most commonly seen warning lights include the following:

Brake System: This light illuminates to let you know that there’s a problem with the braking system. Check to see if the vehicle’s brake fluid is at the correct level. If it is, seek professional help immediately.

Charging System: If this light illuminates, the vehicle’s battery isn’t charging. Turn off all of the auxiliary electrical items and go directly to your local Honda service center for a battery replacement.

Low Oil Pressure: This light illuminates to let you know that the vehicle’s engine oil pressure is low. Stop the vehicle as soon as it’s safe to do so, open the vehicle’s hood, and check the oil level. If the oil level looks normal, seek professional help immediately.

Indicator Lights

Honda CR-V in SilverThese lights let you know that there’s a potential problem with your vehicle and you should have it checked out at your local service center near West Palm Beach, Greenacres, and Boca Raton to ensure the future health of your vehicle. A few of the most commonly seen indicator lights include the following:

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS): This light illuminates to let you know that there’s a problem with the ABS. The Honda CR-V will still have braking ability, but the anti-lock function won’t work. Have a professional look at your vehicle as soon as possible.

Malfunction Indicator Light: This light illuminates to let you know that there’s a problem with the vehicle’s emissions control system. Check the fuel cap to see if it’s loose. If it’s not, get your vehicle checked at your local service center as soon as possible.

Vehicle Stability Assist: This light illuminates to let you know that there’s a problem with either the Vehicle Stability Assist system or the Hill Start Assist system. Get the vehicle checked as soon as possible at your local service center.

Next Steps

If you find that one of the vehicle’s indicator lights is illuminated, you’ll have to use your best judgment to determine the next course of action. On the other hand, if one of the vehicle’s warning lights is illuminated, you’ll likely want to get your vehicle checked by the professionals at your local Honda dealer near Boca Raton, Greenacres, and West Palm Beach.

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