Honda Accord Maintenance Schedule

2017HondaAccord(c)When you first take your 2017 Honda Accord home, it’ll run perfectly. However, it’s not likely to stay that way if it doesn’t receive proper maintenance.

Keeping track of your car’s maintenance schedule can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why your Accord comes equipped with the Maintenance Minder™ system. The moment your car requires service, Maintenance Minder™ will alert you immediately.

To help our Boca Raton, Greenacres, and Palm Beach customers decipher this helpful system, our team at Braman Honda of Palm Beach has put together these instructions. 

Main Items

Code A

When Maintenance Minder™ presents you with the letter A, your Accord is due for an oil change. More than likely, this will occur every 6,000 miles or so. Call your local Honda dealer right away for service.

Code B

Code B will require some more extensive items, which should be performed once a year. In addition to your next oil change, these services include:

  • Check all brakes. This includes pads, discs, and calipers. Make sure nothing is too thin or cracked. The parking brake should also be adjusted.
  • Inspect tie-rod ends, steering gearbox, and gearbox boots. Make sure that no grease is leaking and that the steering linkage is tight.
  • Check suspension. Tighten all bolts and inspect ball joint boots.
  • Check driveshaft boots. Make sure there are no cracks.
  • Make sure brake hoses aren’t leaking.
  • Check all fluid levels. Top off as needed.
  • Inspect exhaust system. This includes the pipes, muffler, and catalytic converter heat shields.
  • Make sure no fuel lines or connectors are loose.


After the main codes, Maintenance Minder™ may present you with some specific sub-items that should be addressed immediately. These will be delineated by number.

  1. Rotate tires. This is also a good time to check tire pressure.
  2. Replace air cleaner and dust filter. At this time, you should also inspect the drive belt for damage.
  3. Replace transmission fluid.
  4. Replace spark plugs or timing belt. Have your mechanic check to determine which is damaged. The water pump and valve clearance should also be examined now.
  5. Replace engine coolant.

Additional Items

In addition to all the items listed above, there are a few other items that’ll occur regularly.

  • Every three years: Replace brake fluid.
  • During service 1, 2, or 3: Adjust valves.
  • Every 160,000 miles: Inspect idle speeds.

Does Your Car Need Service?

Maintenance Minder™ makes caring for your 2017 Honda Accord easy. As long as you follow all maintenance items as they arise, it should run in excellent condition for years to come.

Any drivers in the Boca Raton, Greenacres, or Palm Beach area who are in need of service today shouldn’t hesitate to contact Braman Honda of Palm Beach. Schedule an appointment either online or over the phone today.