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Trust is foundational to any long-lasting relationship, so that’s what we will work to build with you. How will we do it? We will keep our promises to you. We will make the fine print BIG and EASY to read so that you know what to expect when you come in to buy or service a car. We will communicate openly with you. We will LISTEN and actively engage with you in the buying and maintenance process. We will be RESPONSIVE when you ask questions, EFFICIENT when you make a request, and COMMITTED to your needs and wants when buying a car from us.

We take price off the table. We will match any competitor’s price, so while price may be an important part of the decision-making process, you can rest-assured we will take good care of you.


We’re learning a lot about you when you choose to buy new or pre-owned and service with us, and we will give you the same insight into us, and the entire process. We will be CLEAR and CONSISTENT with you throughout the car buying and vehicle maintenance and repair experiences. And you can have peace of mind that when you choose a pre-owned vehicle, you’re buying QUALITY. We have certified it and it will be reliable and enjoyable to own.


We are transforming the car buying transaction by putting it in your hands. We will let you drive it. GO as far as you want to go at your pace by completing your paperwork before coming into the dealership or buy 100% online and enjoy our concierge delivery. Our team at the Braman Auto Exchange desk is here to help you BUY smarter! And LEASE smarter! Using intuitive technology, we can personalize your experience and provide you with insights and suggestions to ensure a secure and satisfying path to ownership.

Dare to Compare! We are also transforming the service experience. Shop online for quality Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts, and Maintenance and Repair Services, and you will see that we cost less. Come in and you will see that we are more skilled, more knowledgeable, more convenient, more timely and MORE FUN!

It’s your time. You’re in control!

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