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Honda Ridgeline Safety Features

The all-new Honda Ridgeline has become a fast favorite for drivers in the Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Greenacres area. The vehicle is equipped with industry firsts like the optional truck bed audio system. It’s also equipped with some of the most advanced safety features on the market today, making the Ridgeline an excellent option for […]

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Honda Accord Safety

View New Inventory There’s no doubt that those Wellington, Greenacres, and Palm Beach roads are filled with surprises. And to combat them all, you need a sedan packed with plenty of protection. Something just like the 2018 Honda Accord. From smart safety features to structure and handling enhancers, the 2018 Accord has a little bit […]

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2016 honda cr-v

Honda CR-V Safety Features

The Honda CR-V was designed to have plenty of space for your whole crew. Whether that’s your crew of tiny kiddos or your friends (maybe they’re the same people?), the CR-V wants to keep all of you safe. And this vehicle is loaded with advanced safety features designed to do just that. Let’s take a […]

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2016 honda pilot

Honda Pilot Safety Features

Can you think of anything that’s more important than your children’s lives? Can you think of anything that’s more important than your spouse’s life? Can you think of anything that’s more important than your life? If those things are so important to you, then your SUV’s safety features are a top priority. Why? Because, across […]

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2016 honda odyssey

Honda Odyssey Safety Features

There aren’t that many affordable minivans out there on the market today; the 2017 Honda Odyssey is one of the few. It’s perfect for the whole family, in part due to its advanced safety technology features. Here at Braman Honda of Palm Beach, we wrote this review of the Honda Odyssey’s safety features for our customers […]

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2016 honda hr-v

Honda HR-V Safety Features

When you’re looking for a new SUV, safety is the most important thing. How couldn’t it be? You’re looking for a vehicle that’ll transport your children, your family, your friends, and yourself. Luckily, the safety features for the 2017 Honda HR-V include some of the most advanced technologies on the market! This is very, very good […]

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2015 honda civic

Honda Civic Safety

View New Inventory Honda is well known for creating vehicles that are not just a joy to drive, but also feature the best in technology, infotainment, driver convenience, and safety. The Honda Civic is at top of the list of reliable Honda models year after year. Not only is it an efficient and stylish vehicle […]

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