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Get into Gear at These Martial Arts Academies near Greenacres FL

Martial Arts Academies near Greenacres FL

There’s a lot to gain by picking up martial arts. You learn to defend yourself, you learn to challenge yourself, and you learn to unwind while getting a great workout in the process. Sound appealing? Then, visit one of these martial arts academies near Greenacres, FL, to see what they have to offer!

Allstar Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts Academies near Greenacres FLWith programs for kids, adults, and women’s self-defense, Allstar Martial Arts Academy is a great place for all. In addition to age-specific programs, the academy also has a summer camp program, which will keep your younger ones busy while teaching them valuable life lessons. If you’re not sure that you—or your child—are ready to commit, take advantage of their new student specials!

Stay up-to-date with Allstar Martial Arts Academy and learn about new events by following their Facebook page.

Harmony Martial Arts Center

Located near Greenacres, Harmony Martial Arts Center is ideal for adults who are interested in Krav Maga, which is a form of hand-to-hand combat used in the Israeli Defense Forces and the U.S. military. They also teach Jiu Jitsu. There are children’s Krav Maga and Taekwondo programs as well.

Visit the site for information on classes, scheduling, events, and more—or check them out on Facebook!

Karate America

Karate AmericaMartial Arts Academies near Greenacres FL is for kids and adults alike with programs in Krav Maga, Taekwondo, and more. The center has over 10,000 active members throughout their multiple Florida locations, and they’re still growing. Courses are designed to be fun and informative while burning fat and toning the entire body.

Want to stay connected? Karate America is on Twitter! You can also visit their website for more information.

Get Started Today

Whether you’re interested in learning how to defend yourself or you want to get your child involved in a safe and useful after-school activity, one of these three top martial arts academies near Greenacres, FL, will have exactly what you’re looking for! Check them out today.