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When to Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

When to Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

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When you’re driving through the streets of Wellington, Greenacres, and Palm Beach, it’s important to make sure your vehicle stays in top shape. Regular maintenance not only improves your performance, but it also improves your vehicle’s resale value when it’s time to trade it in. Most services are common knowledge, such as oil changes and tire rotations, but there’s also another important maintenance task that should routinely be done: replacing your cabin air filter.

Your cabin air filter is an important part of your vehicle, but many drivers may not know why it’s crucial to change it. Learn when to replace your cabin air filter and discover how the highly trained technicians at the Braman Honda of Palm Beach Service Center can help.

What Is a Cabin Air Filter?

When to Replace Your Cabin Air FilterWhen you think of filters for your car, the first parts that come to your mind are probably the oil filter and the engine air filter. Although some drivers may not know about the cabin air filter, it plays an essential role in your driving experience by filtering pollutants out of your cabin. While most filters help your engine breathe, the cabin air filter helps you breathe.

A variety of pollutants can get into your cabin without a proper cabin air filter, which include dust, smog, pollen, and even mold spores that can cause medical conditions for you or your passengers. If you have allergies, a cabin air filter can be a major help, especially during pollen season. Additionally, a working cabin air filter puts less strain on your HVAC system, allowing it to last longer without the motor burning up.

How Often to Change the Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters tend to wear down fairly quickly, so it’s good practice to get it replaced every other oil change or about once a year. This usually adds up to every 15,000 miles or so, but it may vary based on your make and model. Always be sure to consult the owner’s manual first before you commit to a routine. If your car was made before 2000, you may not even have a cabin air filter.

When to Replace Your Cabin Air FilterIf you think you’re handy enough, the cabin air filter is typically something you can replace yourself. On most models, it’s behind the glove box, so you’ll have to remove it to gain access. The glove box uses quite a few clips and pins to hold it up and you can break it if you’re not careful, so it might be best for most people to defer to professionals at a service center. There, they can replace it quickly and effectively!

Replacing Cabin Air Filters

Now that you know when to replace your cabin air filter, you just need to know where you can get it done. For quality service you can depend on in the Wellington, Greenacres, and Palm Beach areas, the service center at Braman Honda of Palm Beach is ready to help.

Our highly trained service professionals have performed countless cabin air filter replacements before, so you can depend on our efficient and speedy service. Visit us or contact us online to schedule your service appointment today!