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How Do I Check My Car’s Brake Fluid?

As one of the most important components to your vehicle’s safety system, brakes need to be in How Do I Check My Car’s Brake Fluid?pristine condition to function at their best and provide you with the ability to slow or stop your vehicle. As a car owner and driver, you use your brakes constantly, so staying on top of service is vital to your vehicle’s overall performance.

One of the most important things you can do is staying on top of brake service, which includes brake pad replacements, rotor repairs, adjustments, or replacements, and of course, brake fluid replacement. To help you along, we’re going to focus this guide on your car’s brake fluid. We’ll answer the important questions, and we’ll provide you with a little insight onto how to check your car’s brake fluid.

How Does Brake Fluid Work?

Your vehicle features several different fluids that allow it to function properly. Your braking system needs fluid in order to work effectively. When you press on your brakes, it acts as a plunger that sends the brake fluid through lines that connect to your wheels. Once the fluid is sent, it creates pressure on the wheels through your braking components to get the wheels to slow down or stop. In order to function properly, your brake fluid must be at the right level, and it must be the right type for your vehicle which can easily be found in your owner’s manual, or by speaking with a service technician at your closest service center near Palm Beach, Wellington, and Greenacres.

How Often Should I Be Checking My Brake Fluid?

When it comes to having your braking system checked, most professionals and manufacturers recommend every six months for an inspection. But you can stay on top of your brake fluid by checking it every three months. This inspection is pretty simple, so you don’t have to be a trained technician, however, you’ll want to exercise caution while performing this on your own.

How Do I Check My Vehicle’s Brake Fluid?

When you begin your brake fluid inspection, you should limit it to 15 minutes because the exposure to air and moisture can affect your brake fluid. Be sure to have a disposable rag on hand because you’ll want to wipe the reservoir cap of any dust or dirt because this can also affect your brake fluid if it falls into the reservoir. Once you’ve located the brake reservoir, carefully open the lid that you’ve just wiped off. Perform aHow Do I Check My Car’s Brake Fluid? quick visual inspection of the level of the fluid, which should be about an inch below the cap. You’ll also want to check the quality and cleanliness of the fluid. If the fluid is low, dark, or dirty, you’ll want to contact your local service center to schedule a brake service appointment. You should also properly dispose of the rag at a toxic waste disposal center.

Schedule Your Brake Service Appointment at Braman Honda of Palm Beach

After you’ve done your brake fluid inspection, and you deemed brake service necessary, you can easily schedule your appointment at Braman Honda of Palm Beach near West Palm Beach, Greenacres, and Wellington. Our service department is skilled and thorough, and will ensure that your brake fluid is at the proper level and of the quality that your vehicle requires. We’d be thrilled to help make sure that your brakes are in the best shape. When it’s time to schedule a brake service appointment, you can schedule yours online today.