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Why is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air?

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Here at Braman Honda of Palm Beach, we’ve been receiving lots of questions from our customers near Palm Beach, Greenacres, and Wellington: Why is my car AC blowing hot air? What’s going on with my car’s air conditioning system? How can I prevent my car’s AC from only blowing out hot air? Help me!

We get it! Nobody wants to drive around with warm air coming out of their air conditioner, especially when you’re already caught in that oppressive Florida heat! That’s why our team wrote this helpful guide to figuring out what’s going on with your car’s AC, regardless of whether it’s a Honda or not.

1) The Problem: Blocked AC Condenser

Your AC’s condenser is the system through which hot, pressurized refrigerant travels – over the course of this process, it cools down so that it can eventually lower your cabin’s temperature. If the condenser’s many coils are blocked, your AC will only blow out hot air because the cold refrigerant won’t cool it off.

The Solution: The condenser looks a bit like a radiator – you’ll find it at the front of your car, underneath your hood. However, we don’t recommend trying to unblock it yourself. Instead, contact a professional.

2) The Problem: Broken AC Condenser

In a similar vein, your AC condenser could be outright broken – punctured, rusted, busted, toasted, etc.

The Solution: Once again, this isn’t something that’s too easy to fix on your own. Contact a service rep.

3) The Problem: Low Refrigerant Levels

Loose connections, ruptured hoses, or miscellaneous leaks can all cause your refrigerant levels to drop over time. And, just like we said in the first section, the refrigerant is the magic that makes it all work.

The Solution: You could add air conditioning refrigerant yourself — or you could get in touch with a technician who knows what they’re doing (the right type of fluid, the proper procedures, and more).

4) The Problem: Broken Cooling Fans

Once that refrigerant passes through the coils of the condensers, cools down, turns into mist, and then evaporates, the remaining cold air is propelled into the cabin through fans. Unless…they’re broken…

The Solution: Contact us at Braman Honda of Palm Beach and we’ll install new fans as soon as possible!

5) The Problem: Electrical System Malfunction

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the question of a malfunction with the electrical system. Nothing is going to work if the compressor, the condenser, and the cooling fans don’t get the power needed to run.

The Solution: Are you an experienced electrician? If so, go ahead – have at it! If not, give us a call, okay?

Contact us today at Braman Honda of Palm Beach to schedule service!

It doesn’t matter if you live in Wellington, Greenacres, Palm Beach, or somewhere on the other side of the state! Our team at Braman Honda of Palm Beach can fix your car’s air conditioner system, whether it’s got a blocked condenser, a broken condenser, low refrigerant, broken cooling fans, an electrical malfunction, or something else entirely. You can schedule an appointment on our website today!