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Best Pizza near West Palm Beach, FL

If you’re a true lover of pizza, you know how hard it can be to find the perfect slice outside of the Big Apple. But, unbeknownst to many West Palm Beach residents, there are actually quite a few places that offer some of the best pizza in the Southern United States. We’ve got a list of our favorite pizza-providers for you right here.

Pizza Girls

Best Pizza near West Palm Beach, FLJen and Phoebe are the two brilliant minds behind the New York Style and gourmet pizza at Pizza Girls. Whether you stop in to their storefront or grab a slice at their food truck, you’ll get delicious pizza every time that truly feels like a slice of heaven.

Their extensive menu is one of our favorite things about this local pizza spot near West Palm Beach, FL, and it is one thing that makes it stand out from the competition. The restaurant serves up appetizers, hot heroes, pizza rolls, calzones, pizza by the slice or pie, and salad.

OUR FAVORITE DISH is the Spinach & Cheese Roll. It’s a pizza dough rolled and stuffed with mozzarella cheese and spinach. And it’s the perfect portion for lunch. Yum!

Pizza Al Fresco

Established in Palm Beach in 1987, Pizza Al Freso serves up traditional Italian pizza that you can’t get anywhere else. The restaurant’s atmosphere is casual, family-friendly, warm and inviting—the perfect setting for a casual lunch or dinner with the whole family.

Their menu offers more than just simple pizza, though their thin crust pizza from the wood burning brick oven is certainly among our favorites. Their other offerings include baked pasta, salads, a selection of entrees, and a selection of sandwiches and burgers.

OUR FAVORITE DISH is the Granchiessa White Pizza. It’s a delicious pizza with diced tomato, mozzarella, crabmeat and avocado. It’s the perfect size to share for lunch!

NYPD Pizza

Best Pizza near West Palm Beach, FLIf you want New York’s Finest’s brick oven pizza without the expense of flying to Manhattan, then you want NYPD Pizza. Their casual, family-friendly environment paired with their delicious menu offerings is why this restaurant is on our top list.

Serving up high quality pizza from an old-fashioned brick oven, this local establishment is unlike any other in the West Palm Beach, Florida, area. Offering take-out, dine in and delivery (with $10 minimum), the restaurant is perfect for any occasion.

OUR FAVORITE DISH is the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza from the Specialty Pies menu. For under $20, you get an incredible pizza with green peppers, onions and mushrooms that’s the perfect size for a small family.

Four Brothers

Located near West Palm Beach, Four Brothers is another of our local favorites when we’re craving a slice of the best pizza in South Florida. The restaurant offers up an unforgettable experience and the family-owned and -operated business makes you feel welcome every time.

The restaurant’s menu is loaded up with more than just pizza. They also offer Italian entrees with seafood, poultry, veal and more, as well as an extensive list of pasta and dessert dishes.

OUR FAVORITE DISH is the Spinach and Ricotta Gourmet Pizza. Made with no sauce, this pizza is topped with Mozzarella ricotta, Romano cheese, a dash of garlic and spinach.